ATTN! Noman just hit 15 cost, wicket closing soon

Traditionally when the Noman goes to 15 taste of lacre cost (which it did this AM), it’s just a few days until the wicket closes. Get 'em while the getting is good!

Pretty sure we have quite exactly another seven days?

Wait, 7 days?? I was always under the impression it was way less than that.

Well last year it was 7 and I believe in the years before as well.

Last year these were the key dates:

Penstock’s Wicket opens - 06/01/17
Final price bump for the Noman - 23/01/17
Urchins stop selling pails - 23/01/17
One week Pail melt warning appears - 23/01/17
Penstock’s Wicket closes - 01/02/17
Pails start to melt on the next TtH after - 01/02/17
Feast of the Exceptional Rose - 06/02/17
Lilac appears - 13/02/17

ETA: What you might be confusing this with is the fact that lots of people wait for the last day of the Wicket to buy their Noman. If you do that then you only have a couple of days, depending on your TtH, before your pails melt. That’s typically the source of the rush - the time between the closure of the wickets and the melting of the pails - not the one week period between the final price bump and the closure of the wicket
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Wait, so once the wicket’s closed, your pails will melt at the next TtH?

Assumedly, yes.

But in case you are hit by TtH before the 31st of Jan, 12:00 GMT, does that mean that you get the warning on your next TtH and only 13 days later you lose them?

Who knows?

As FBG have warned us in the past: beware brinkmanship!

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but it seems that the option to buy Pails from the Urchins has now disappeared as well.

I wonder if the final increase in Noman price and the disappearance of the Urchins option are triggered at the same moment? That could be a useful thing to note in guides for future years, if it isn’t already a known datum.

Does the warning on pails melting next week come with your personal TtH? Or something else?

[quote=Televangelist]Does the warning on pails melting next week come with your personal TtH? Or something else?[/quote]Yep, it shows up with Time the Healer. Looks like this: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

That message was from Jan 24. I received the same message on Jan 31 and Feb 7 as well, so who knows when they’ll really melt.

My memory is hazy but I seem to recall that the warning message was simply not updated but that the pails did melt when originally advertised. Does anyone else recall differently?

I’ll note that – right on time – the Urchins have stopped selling snow.

Should I go for both Noman tattoos or just the one you think?

You mean that you have a single regular tattoo, is that correct?
Why not go for both as you need a Noman for a regular (dreaded) one?

Note: Starting today Time, the Healer’s message now includes: &quotAny Pails of So-Called Snow you possess will melt next week.&quot

Today you mean the 23rd, correct?

So last year there was also ambiguity as to whether the melt warning comes on the same day as the last price hike or the day after. Does anyone have their TtH come on Monday evening GMT to check whether it already included the melt warning?

The Urchins are no longer selling pails… but the Devils are still trying to buy my soul for the cost of a pail! They’re even claiming the pails are still for sale.

I gotta say, I am not in the least bit surprised by this type of behavior from them.