At a Crossroads in the University

At the University, I’ve reached a critical final decision point of my investigation into the Murder of the Senior Reader in _______.

I’m here.

If I reveal what I think happened, as far as I know, I’m out of the University. I don’t want to condemn an innocent, or at least someone who didn’t commit the crime. And the actions of the Provost did serve some utility, as the Senior Reader was reckless and dangerous.

I am uncertain how to proceed here, as I don’t know how difficult being out of the University will make things. But I hate being forced to falsely accuse. I’d appreciate your thoughts.

edited by Jacke on 12/31/2015

You can get back into the University later on via the Dilmun Club! So don’t worry.

That said, this is the end. No matter your choice the existing storylets will be lost. So don’t fret too much - though if you wish to convert some high tier mysteries soon you may wish to do that before making this final choice.

As in all things, be guided by what feels narratively right for your character. As Sestina said, there is indeed a route back in later down the track, but as Sara added, there is little to come back to, regardless of what choice you make. Personally, I betrayed the colleague for the self-advancement of running my own department, even though I’m an otherwise highly moral character. People are complex. They can be entirely selfless in many ways, and entirely ruthless in many others. Sometimes it is very interesting to examine the later consequences of following your intuition, in these stories.

I definitely had that with my decision with the Soul Trade story, then later on using that decision to take an action in regards to the Regretful Soldier and his blank-eyed wife, and then when I took him on a sea voyage for a recent Exceptional story (and did my very best to protect him from all harm along the way.)
When a text-based browser game gives you feels, you know it’s something special. :3

Thanks for all of your comments.

I’m not finding the storylet’s at the University after starting on opening a department that entertaining or helpful, unlike the earlier ones. Unfortunately, my connections to the Colleges wasn’t that high and I didn’t get the full benefit of the early storylets. And I didn’t realise they all would disappear when I started on opening my department. I still find &quotShadowy Dealings at the University&quot useful (just got my SotC to 8 with them), so would most miss it. Otherwise, I am inclined to tell the truth. I do wish there was another option out of the corner I’ve painted myself into here. The third one that drops me down a step in the Investigation is just putting things off.

edited by Jacke on 12/31/2015

I decided to reveal the truth. I considered that I could not accuse someone falsely when they were not guilty of any crime. And I see I can still pursue Shadowy Dealings at the University. And other matters. I am glad I took this course.