Are they talking about you? or Tell the Inspector

I’m looking at Jack’s Origin, and it says I need “Are they talking about you? 2” to progress. It tells me I can get it from opportunity cards across London, but can’t seem to find them. Thoughts? Considerations? Hints? Spoilers? I’ll take any.

Without no-no spoilers, I can confirm that attribute can be raised by certain cards that will turn up if you’ve paid Fate to become Jack-of-Smiles. I do not know that it can be raised otherwise.

I am waiting for these cards too; haven’t seen one turn up yet.

Since the release of the content I’ve gotten two cards related to the quality which give items but no boost to any stat and four cards which boosted my “The Jack of Smiles Case” to 8, but over the last few days have garnered nothing.
Something similar happened with the Mr. Eaten content last year and I suspect this will be much the same. It is likely that it may be a very, very long time before my Quality is up to the 9 I need.

Same for me. After a long dry spell I actually hit My Jack of Smiles Case 9, but zero “Are they talking about you?”

The RNG is seldom my friend; which wouldn’t be bad if it weren’t for the anticipation. Jack of Smiles is one of my favorite characters in Fallen London.

A moment after I posted that I got my first card that gave me “Are they talking about you?”

Now it seems that a million dollars never falls in my lap from the sky. It seems like it will be a very long time before that happens.
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Well played, sir. Well played.

Looks like I go back to grinding for the Overgoat while I wait for my Opportunity Card or Nigel’s money to float my way.

Since I am already at 9, I am thinking that this is a bug and those of us who got to 9 while they were making the changes have been inadvertently locked out. I have submitted a bug report. Will update you all when I have a response!

I would hope it can be raised. I did not pay fate and instead chose to use detective work but I still need “Are they talking about you?” at 2.

V-Good to know. Thank you.
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I did not pay for the Fate-locked styoryline, but I still got an “Are they talking about you?” card yesterday, so it’s probably not just intended for the Fate route. Perhaps our characters are identifying a bit too much with the case after so much time spent on it. Or perhaps they weren’t as careful as they believed…

Of course, in my own storyline, I have Jack and the Knucle-Scarred Inspector in cahoots. And the inspector’s knife just turned up as evidence…

Given the text on the card (What I’ve seen off the wiki), I get the feeling this is intended for the fate storyline, and due to a bug it’s appearing regardless.

It’s confirmed that this was a bug. The requirement for unlocking the ‘Jack’s Origin’ storylet (are they talking about you? 2) has now been removed so anyone stuck like me can now progress. :)