Aquiring a certain coffin.

I was wondering if there is any way to obtain a Soothe & Cooper Long box , as the Christmas event and give out have, I think, expired. Having linked my Fallen London and sunless Sea accounts, it is always going to annoy me if the option is there, but locked off.

There isn’t another way right now, but I’m sure when the Bazaar opens up again you’ll be able to get one. There’s also the possibility of a different method being introduced before next Christmas.

Are they even useful for anything? All I can do with mine is sell them for 25 Identity Uncovered.

The other use is found in Wolfstack - under the &quotAspiring Zee-Captains&quot. It will give you 50 echoes, 120 cp of Connected: Docks and unlock some kind of bonus in Sunless Sea.

The S&C Longbox can also be acquired in Sunless Sea. Selling it in Fallen London just makes it so each of your new captains starts with 1.

Also, selling multiple boxes will not give your captains additional boxes.