Aquaintance Hoading

Now, Tyssy, I don’t know if you of all people ought to be making jokes about the typos of others.

Ok, you didn’t hear it from me, but I am being serious here.

I’m not poking fun nor being sarcastic. I genuinely did not know what Yiem meant with their post.

Sorry, Yiem! If I offended you, I’ll send you a gift.

PANICKED EDIT: TYSSY?! It begins… I don’t think I’m prepared.
edited by Tystefy on 7/10/2017

Oh, I figured you weren’t serious. That wasn’t meant to be a severe rebuke. I just wanted an excuse to use that awful nickname.

… I will have vengeance. Some day.

But not today. Not here.

Because this is Yiem’s thread. And we basically turned it around to be all about us.

I’ll just go ahead and postage that package…