Apocyan Mirrorcatch Boxes!

We can now get Apocyan Mirrorcatch Boxes! Diving into still waters in the Pillared Sea will get 'em.


Wonder if there’s gonna be a use for the whole set! I’m collecting five of each right now.

If only I could remember where the Pillared Sea is …

I suspect you’re joking. But if not: it’s the northern route, if you don’t take the Snares option.


No, really, I’m not joking. Just scatterbrained. :)

Can confirm there is at least one use for getting a complete set of the Neathbow. It’s part of the Prelapsarian Museum festival going on right now.

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Is this a guaranteed thing or a random outcome.

I remember drowning at sea once and received a windfall of glim.

The card that you need for Apocyan can only be drawn in the Pillared Sea. Note that it’s a regular card that can be drawn into you hand, not something that autofires if you gain too much Troubled Waters.

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I’m still confused. I’ve drawn the card a number of times, but have yet to see an option (nor does the wiki seem to soon one) that seems … boxfilling.

The option for acquiring Apocyan unfortunately has quite a few conditions that need to be met.

When playing the ‘Cross the Threshold’ option on the Becalmed card you need to have access to a Parabolan base-camp and Glasswork at 5. This allows you to drown, giving you wounds and sending you to your lodgings OR to drown, gain wounds and fill an empty Mirrorcatch box with Apocyan before you’re sent off to your lodgings. This latter option however requires to you have discovered the sea of Spines at Helicon House beforehand.

In conclusion, it’s a bit of a faff.


You play “Cross the Threshold,” you’re directed to a different storylet where you can fill a box. It’s completely non-obvious, and was only discovered by chance by a player who used this (and Cider) every week as a shortcut back home from the Khanate.


Oh. Yes, that’s really nonobvious. Thanks to both of you!

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