Anyone still playing Below?

Not sure where to post this but is anyone still playing Below, the failed kickstarter game?

Been playing with the blacksmith character, and it seems like the only effective way to use her is to craft the &quotkeen&quot sword ASAP.

I thought I’d try it out, yesterday. And then I spent hours playing. It’s tough! I might give it another go this weekend, I clearly tried to plow through the depths too quickly without arming myself adequately. Fun game, and I love that you can bequeath your gains to future incarnations of your player. Otherwise I would have given up after a round or two.

Thanks for posting, I got sucked into it yesterday. Interesting use for the card draw system, and great writing. Not the right game for my RSI unfortunately.

My “second chances” don’t seem to do anything — I check the box before a challenge, but the number of chances doesn’t change after success or failure. Anyone else having this problem?

I occasionally play it. When I do, I usually blow an evening on the effort, and like Ava, usually fail because I go too fast without adequate preparation. :-)

I play it off and on. I’d be very interested to find someone who could send the Goblin’s Gift story to me, incidentally.

The pinned card Quest: Recover the Saint’s Bones appears to give you infinite Memories of Home.