Anyone found their named locations?

Hi there! Has anyone managed to locate the thing in the game which they named with the kickstarter reward?
Ive noticed a couple of ones around like Tanach-Chook ( I probably horribly butchered that name. Sorry! ) but it’s rather difficult to tell what’s player named and what’s dev named.
It’s also pretty difficult in general to find your own location. I’m yet to locate &quotPort Lipiainen&quot or whatever has been named &quotLipiainen&quot. If anyone finds it drop me a PM!
And ofcoursue, If anyone needs any help looking for their own location I’d gladly help out!

But yes, What’s your location’s name and have you found it? If so where is it? Or if you havn’t found it, Check to see if someone else has!

I think it’s great that you backed at this level, but I’d be prepared for a wait: as you know, you might just happen to be named somewhere that will only be rolled out in the last update…

Keep an eye on here:
I think once they’ve got the mechanics in completely, the world and content will come much faster.

I found my landmark.

Found mine! &quotPuckeridge’s Lookout&quot, right up at the top.

Ironically, I found it by crashing into it.

Mine was in right from the start, though it’s the one location that barely anyone will namecheck because they already know the place it’s part of. It’s “Quaker’s Haven”, the port on Mutton Island.

Mine is Tamsyn Point, I believe. (After a non-FL character of mine.) I don’t think it’s in the current map.

It didn’t occur to me that the harbours in places like Mutton Island (probably also the Cumaean Canal and the Iron Republic…) would be named after backers. Neat!
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Mine is Aeschaven on Godfall, I only found it last night and went Gleeeee when I discovered it. Named after my FL character Aesc and myself who is Ash. So I’m very happy with it!

I went with my real life family name, Erdönmez, which I haven’t been able to find yet. I guess its ‘foreignness’ may mean it’ll be further out East. Having said that, I also haven’t found my name in the credits.
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