Anyone else having trouble buying Fate/EF?

A few months ago, I had to cancel my EF due to getting furloughed (thanks, covid). I eventually got another job, so I was going to get EF again (plus some Fate), but now every time I try to purchase anything, I get weird error messages. I’ve checked my banking app and it’s definitely not a problem on my end. Currently getting &quotdo not honor&quot and &quotrisk threshold&quot on both FF and Microsoft Edge. Visa cards; I’ve tried both debit and credit, though paypal and direct input. Anyone else having this or similar problems?
edited by Sanguinifex on 9/2/2020

I have purchased Fate a few days ago. If this is a problem, it was recent.

That said, you should send Failbetter an email about this. You really don’t want to talk about transactions over a publicly readable forum thread.

I had a problem last month with how long it took to load the page, and last week I couldn’t get it to load the box to buy Fate at all. I messaged the team, but had no response. So it’s not just you.