Any way to reduce scandal outside of story?

I’ve accidentally let it get too high, and now I can’t seem to bring it back down so I can deal with it (Laugh it off probably). Is there any way I can do this? I know all the other menaces have items that can be used to reduce them, but I don’t think there is one for scandal.

There are no items. The only thing you can really do is go to church but that is an action.

There’s an option on the Pass the Cat Opportunity that reduces Scandal as well.

Or just wind up in the Tomb-Colonies. If your persuasive is really low, there’s a persuasive challenge there that you want to FAIL that’ll get you out really quick if you keep failing it; otherwise, in the late-game, Connected: Society is really easy to come by, so just get out of the Tomb-Colonies using that. (Or just use the cards).

You can have other players help you out with this. It’s quite effective: You lose 5 CP of scandal, and they gain 1. It costs you both a turn, but it comes to a net amount of -4 CP for 2 turns across you both, or 2 CP per action. It’s courtesy for folks to ask for one in return.

Most methods of reducing any menace only reduce it by 1 CP, and many aren’t even guaranteed to do so. Ones that reduce it by more are either infrequent, cost items, or both. Though, if you don’t care about cost, then TECHNICALLY the fastest way to lose scandal is to laugh it off, but Making Waves can be slow to increase. The second fastest way would be to hit the tomb colonies and use the connection or item storylets, this lowers scandal by 3 CP each action. Though, of course, it costs a hefty bit.
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I just decided to head to the colonies and take it. I’ve already gotten my scandal back down to 3, so I should be back fairly soon (and with a good bit more Connection with the Tomb Colonies to boot).

I think what I might do is keep a couple of invitations to reduce scandal open with someone else, so if I neglect it I can still save myself an exile.