Any way to make the .json files more readable?

As the title says. Opening them with Notepad++ works fine but having to sift through a gigantic wall of text - or worse yet, having all of it on a single line - isn’t that attractive. I even tried installing the json viewer plugin but it doesn’t always seem to work.

Anyone more tech-savy than I am got any advice on the matter?
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You should google for some json viewers, beautifiers, converters (to xml for example), e.t.c…

Or get some proper IDE, like MS Visual Studio (I believe express version used to be free), IntelliJ Idea or some other. Most of them have code autoformatting, might help with json as well.

You can format a json in vim by running :%!python -m json.tool. :)

But if you for some reason aren’t a vim user, typing ‘json viewer’ into google produced some online json viewers/editors. This one is my favourite of the few I tried.

Any editor with the ability to pretty-print json, which includes Notepad++ with the right plugins, should work just fine for you. I’m on a Mac and, since that means no Notepad++, downloaded a trial version of Sublime Text 2 plus formatting plugin. Just make sure to save the formatted version of the json as a separate file outside the game directory - for some reason Sunless Sea wants all the data without line breaks so any file with breaks is unusable.

I tried using N++'s plugin JSON viewer but it doesn’t seem to work for the events file - which is kinda a big deal since that’s where the vast majority of the text in the game is.

Are you sure? The files within the geography folder seem to work even if they’re not formatted on a single line.

It’s not the case for all the files, but in my experience saves and the quality and event files cause a file corrupted message if there are line breaks.

You could try using this online editor which lets you see the variables somewhat more coherently. Though be warned that even just with events_import.json it seemed for a minute there like my computer was going to melt.
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I think they should be in in the subfolders of /Users/[Your Username Here]/Library/Application Support/unity.Failbetter Games.Sunless Sea/, though I ain’t in a position to double-check that from here.

It’s there for me. Try using the Go to Folder command in Finder (Cmd+shift+G) to go to ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Failbetter Games.Sunless Sea/

Which files are you looking for? Saves should of course be in /unity.Failbetter Games.Sunless Sea/saves while qualities and events are in /unity.Failbetter Games.Sunless Sea/entities