Any way to bring the Blind Bruiser back ?

Hi !

I’m playing Sunless sea for like a week now and I really like the collaboration with the blind bruiser. But one time I clicked refuse instead of accept by mistake, during the &quota little request&quot dialog, and unfortunatelly, I’m not playing on a meryciful mode so I can’t load the game. Does it mean that I won’t be able to speak to the blind bruiser anymore ? I hope it doesn’t mean that I have to start my whole game from the beggining ? That would suck really hard…

I mean, I don’t understand why it doesn’t say something like &quotIf you pick this option, bruiser will be permanently unavailable&quot, like the option with the university dude…
edited by Gladius on 2/28/2015

Yeah he’s gone for good until your next captain meets him.

[li]That is a good point – given just how easy it is to mis-click in some storylets it would be nice to be able to approach the Blind Bruiser in Fallen London again, even as a one-time opportunity if necessary.