Any way to add antiquity to a completed skeleton?

I’ve made a rather expensive skeleton for use for expanding my railroad, but I forgot to make sure it’d have at least one antiquity, so it’s not going to become bessemer ingots unless I break it down for parts. Is there any way to get it a point of antiquity post facto?

That would be quite broken, if there was a way to add more qualities without using any slots. I’m afraid you’re stuck with your modern monstrosity.

If it has 0 antiquity, you could sell it to the Bohemian Sculptress instead - there’s an Upper River card which lets you exchange Preserved Surface Blooms for Bessemer Steel

(this will only work if you’ve reached Jericho Locks, discovered the Fiddler’s Scarlet, upgraded your train’s Baggage Accommodations to level 4 and have the criminals’ 25 renown item)