Any plans to add Steam Workshop and a Mod Editor?

Greetings and Salutations!

Are there any plans to add Steam Workshop and a proper Mod Editor that will allow those of us with means to mod in a manner befitting our station? I most hardheartedly object to you sirs and madams at Failbetter Games dragging us gentlefolk through your filthy slums and being forced to put up with all the unwashed ranks of *.json file hackery and other assorted trash!

What are your plans regarding elevating your game modding community into the realms of decent civilized society?

Yours Truly,
A Gentleman Captain who Wishes to remain Anonymous
edited by Dread Lord on 9/3/2015

[color=#0066ff]It’s possible that we will go on to support modding in more depth. Adding and supporting Steam Workshop or a Mod Editor takes time from our tech team’s schedule, and right now we are focused on making Fallen London for mobile and the first Sunless Sea DLC, Zumbariner.[/color]

[color=rgb(172, 178, 184)]I hope for more content as I find myself longing for greater glories woven in the stories themselves. Maybe you could found your own Zee Cult devoted to some malign influence that reaches out to you in your dreams. It may direct you with the incentive of greater Powers as you go about the work of raising your Cult’s influence and converting more followers to serve the dark and mysterious Power that has touched and shaped your nightmares as you quietly do the patient work of subvert, degrade, and corrupt the traditional factions at Zee into the faithful followers of your Dark Alien Deity that speaks and rewards you based on your actions and punishes you for diverting from it all with great story potentials any number of imaginable ways.[/color]

[color=rgb(172, 178, 184)]Maybe the Kingdom of Avierial could be expanded and deepened beyond what is present already into something even more frightening as you face the Power that continually lures the hopeful and intrepid few to found new colonies into existence only to suck them dry each successive colony in turn. Perhaps with one Captain having successfully founded and established the kingdom could pass that kingdom on to his heir, yes…but will it fall under his or her successor’s leadership? Perhaps there are stories that open the way to further its influence and make it grow its sphere of influence. Untapped potential rests there and elsewhere that could easily be expanded upon and stretched out to future captains where you can begin the see the generational impacts of each of your heirs adding to the legacy instead of simply inheriting it from the preceeding Captain.[/color]

[color=rgb(172, 178, 184)]It might deepen the experience to make True End Game scenarios something you really have to strive to reach by making them require the cumulative effects of the Captains that preceded you. [/color]

[color=rgb(172, 178, 184)]Some Officer’s stories could have different endings that go more than one direction and one or several of the officers could be redone to unlock with some fresh stories added to each of them in response to your progress toward some ultimate End of the Line type Ends (the most obvious being of course the Carnelian Exile whose story struck me as having that essential end of the line type quality to it throughout that would be far more appropriate for a Captain whose nearing the end of his Line) [/color]

[color=rgb(172, 178, 184)]A more robust Legacy system that tracks the progression of your various medley of famous (or infamous) deeds, work for or against the various Zee persons and/or factions could be more easily tracked and monitored in-game through the addition of a journal tab. You will remain free to either work toward the final resolution or against the work of your predecessor and the other powers that exist in the shifting Zee. [/color]

[color=rgb(172, 178, 184)]This will give your accomplishments with one Captain greater weight far more than merely a means of progressing toward some final inevitable end…especially if you chose the Cultist of the Zee route…perhaps your successor is horrified by the links to this malignity that his sire embraced and will work to reverse your sire’s choices perhaps even going on to eclipse your sire’s long Shadow to achieve something remarkably in your own right to pass along to your children…perhaps you survive, perhaps not…[/color]

[color=rgb(172, 178, 184)]Naturally, the purpose is to reconcile all these independent threads organically along multiple Captains toward some final cataclysmic generation spanning finale where the Final Captain narrowly stops the Zee from being invaded by one or more of the malevolent eldritch deities or even joins its particular cult in a Call of Cthulhu-esque cult fashion that will shake the Neath to the core. Perhaps even the consequences of a doomed unterzee suffering from the effects of this alien diety(-ies) could be thematically played out in the later case as the Zee turns more and more deadly and maddening until all are consumed by madness, death, and doom![/color]
edited by Dread Lord on 10/28/2015