Any likely pre-PoSI players willing to flatter me?

I’m gunning for Correspondent, and I’ve got the Scholar of the Correspondence down, but the Notability requirement eludes me. Is anyone willing to let me leech off their Making Waves?

I’ve done both. It’s still slower than I’d like, though, so this would be a wonderful supplement. 10 Notability isn’t really a fast and easy fee, after all.

Personally, I’ve found Dante’s Grill to be a disappointment. The non-PoSI needs to have many boatloads of MW because I think the conversion is 1 level of MW from the flatterer to 1CP of MW to the flatteree. The only time I think it was helpful was when I was grinding honey at court and had about 20 levels of MW as a non-PoSI. I seem to recall Kittenpox being pretty pleased about that flattery session (either that or he was too polite to say otherwise).

Dante’s Grill is really weak - it gives a little more MW than Supper but the 10 Echoes can go toward financing the more expensive MW schemes.

Ahh, shame. I’ll go for other methods of MW grinding, then. Any suggestions? I already have a salon.

You can try cross-conversions of Tier 3 items (like Tales of Terror, Zee Stories and the like). Not all of the item conversions in this carousel give MW. But for the ones that do, the MW gain is 1-8/10CP per action. The good thing is that with repeated grinding, you can get lots more of the items. The downside of course, is that it’s booooooring. I normally do that when I have actions to burn (like before bed and I don’t want to get into any content where I’ll be too sleepy to enjoy, or worse fatfinger anything by mistake).
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Cross convert items that sell for 50p (ie tier 3 items) around in an endless loop. Some of the conversions give making waves. Alternatively convert Tales of Terror (the 50p Mysteries item) into Extraordinary Implications and then into Uncanny Incunabula as that gives waves (and a big chunk of waves on rare success). A gang of Hoodlums and thefts of a peculiar character in the Flit are good ways to get a lot of these 50p items.

Coffee at Caligula’s (same menu as private dinners) is also pretty good for waves if you have a friend to exchange coffee with.
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Schemes are good, but make sure you only use options that invite Correspondent / Crooked-Cross / Midnighter since these options are far superior to inviting NPCs or lesser professions like Authors.

For example inviting a Crooked-Cross give you like 200 CP of Making Waves while Authors cost the same but only give 150 CP.

If you’d like a change of pace and have fairly good Watchful, go thieves’ cache hunting. It now costs a favor, but you can trade your prize for making waves and university connections. It’s (4 + the unpredictable value of the treasure/2), so it could go as high as 44 CP if you get the high end of that expedition, or 9 at worse. You will spend some time building up supplies though if you haven’t a stash of them.