any chance of a fate sale at christmas?

Many games sell their Premium currency at a lower price around Christmas. Should i wait to buy my fate?

I do not believe failbetter does premium currency sales, but you can wait for people with more experience to chime in.

I don’t recall a single occasion of “Fate discount” in the five years I’ve been playing…

They don’t discount fate purchases, although on occasion they’ll discount the things which can be purchased with fate. For example, when we moved from the 10 action candle to the 20 action candle fate purchases used to buy a maximum of 10 actions, but at Christmas they bought 20 actions. At the time it was seen as a discount because we had no idea it would become the permanent new price of actions. Similarly, there was that one time March sold coffee as a way of selling half price action refreshes. Really reflecting on it, I’ve only seen them discount the price of actions and then only on occasion. But I wouldn’t say that sacksmas generosity is 100% out of the question.

I’d say there’s enough sacksmas generosity in the Advent Calendar.

yes, that’s probably true. ~12.5 echoes a day, not counting the rarity of the drops, in goods. variable values mean this number might be too high or too low, but that’s the basic idea.