Another weird fruit question.

Hindsight being 20/20 I should have made one thread for both of these, The Mystery of the Hesperidean Apple is solved, now what about Solacefruit? It’s only use appears to be for the Brisk Campaigner’s Storyline. Other than that what’s left just sits in my hold, along with all the other oddities that combined probably add 20 terror to whoever peeks down there!

The wiki thinks it has no uses, period, so unless other content has also been added in alongside the Brisk Campaigner’s storyline, I suppose not. Perhaps if you get enough of it, you die? A very expensive form of self-slaughter…
edited by Fretling on 12/31/2014

The fact is hasn’t any uses now doesn’t mean it won’t in the future, judging from experience with the FL wiki =)
edited by Aximillio on 1/1/2015

Oh, for certain. It hasn’t even been updated about the Father’s Bones ambition yet, last I checked. Just trying to figure out the current state of affairs!