Another Role-playing Story, Perhaps?

Greetings, fellow Londoners! While browsing the forum once more, I stumbled across some of the old stories that have been on here. After rereading quite a bit of them, I got the urge to be part of one again. So, is anyone else interested? I’d be willing to be part of nearly anything, from a Knife-and-Candle type deal, to something similar to the Polite Intrigue story. Mainly, I’d just like to sculpt a story with my fellow Londoners. Any and all suggestions are most welcome.[li]

I’m game, this would be my first dive into the role-playing style of writing though, so only if anyone can put up with my ineloquence. And if I am invited naturally.

Of course! All are welcome! Do you have any preferences for a topic or scenario?

I’m open to anything. A chase comes to mind, but I really don’t have any specific preferences.

I could see something like a chase being quite interesting. Hopefully some more people will be interested in joining this. I’d say maybe a half dozen to eight are the optimal number for a story, but we’ll have to wait and see what the interest in this would be.

A chase of what and whom? The idea here intrigues me, perhaps it’s time I started exploring the wherewithal of my morally grey Fallen Londoner.

Chasing after a particularly troublesome thief? A race to see who can cross the Flit the fastest? More of a noire style deal, where we would track down someone or something? There are endless options! I am happy to atempt whatever you folks would like.

I like the sound of a noire style chase scenario. Perhaps with someone being hunted for a secret over the rooftops of spite? I’m still open to ideas though.

That could be interesting! We can have some outside volunteers actually provide the mystery so nothing is revealed, or collaborate as we go.

I am always ready for a caper.

The more the merrier, my friend!

If it’s to be a story after secrets, I move that it be something in Spite or the Docks. (My FL character themself has long since left most of that behind, but there are aplenty untold stories of his past.)

I quite like both of those ideas. I imagine the Docks would have more opportunity for adventure, but I am just as happy with Spite! And seeing as how we don’t have that much interest in this yet, would you lot like to start it? We can keep it fairly open-ended at first so as to welcome new participants to join up. Or should we just wait?

The docks would be perfect, and I think we might as well start now.

Grand! So, shall we all write up some character sheets? Use as much detail as you’d like! Some particular quirks or weaknesses are always interesting to include. Feel free to use any type of Fallen London type creature as well, from the Infernal to the Rubbery. I’ll put my sheet up soon.
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Well, I’ll just throw some quick facts about my character out there, and let him develop more as the story progresses.

Sherman Jones

  • Mind ravaged by the Correspondence and the search for a certain Name
    -A suspected spirifer of souls
    -Quite daring, almost to the point of foolishness
    -A weakness for honey, wine, and… other temptations
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Sure, I’ll just stick up something based off my current character (just to make things easy).

These days, The Player (haven’t cared enough yet to change the name away from my Twitter handle, as I got in when it was still Echo Bazaar) fancies himself a high-enterprise gentleman, dipping into various and sundry activities from his premises located near the Bazaar itself.

He was once known to have participated in an uprising at Wolfstack Docks, and he also has trafficked with the Widow on occasion. None can fully glimpse his motives, but he is driven by an overwhelming pursuit of an elusive “Scathewick” who foully slew his daughter.

He also owns a newspaper, and keeps strong company with his spouse, a Veilgarden favorite, and the Canny Costermonger, whom he seems to regard as a daughter.

Word is, he knows a bit about that Jack mess, too…more than he lets on…

At the moment, he’s out looking for ways to acquire Portfolios of prominent souls without dirtying his hands in too many dealings with devils. He finds the whole business disgusting but necessary. To catch Scathewick.

-A mysterious entity in Fallen London
-A hunter for information by trade
-Well acquainted with the brass embassy (despite what they say)
-Efficient to a disconcerting degree
-Current location: Wolfstack Docks
-Current employer: Unknown

Marvelous! I like how this is shaping up. Now, I am throwing around a few ideas for a story. Would you guys like to help formulate one as a team, or should I just surprise you as it progresses?

Surprise works, I recommend some of the Widow’s folk, or the Dockers, calling on my character for a favor.