Another Map Shuffling Query

[I’m trying hard not to sprinkle spoilers everywhere so please forgive my slightly cryptic explanation]

Some quests you’re sent on are always very place specific. I’m thinking in particular of the Man of Business’ Proposal. Even with Map Shuffling, is this always going to be in roughly the same part of the map? I can’t find this place anywhere on my current map, and think Blind Bruiser might be ‘disappointed’ with me soon!

Apologies if I’m asking things I simply need to work out for myself. I’m still not sure which parts of the game work as they should and which bits are affected by current build issues.

Many thanks!
edited by Tarantella de Pangolin on 8/16/2014

If you’re on the first quest from him, you can delay as long as you’d like. I would guess that it shuffles just as randomly as the rest of the locations as it’s not next to the coast, though i’ve not found it to confirm this. On any future proposal, it is definitely random, though you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with him as long as you have the cash (and some extra) on hand.

Spoiler tags because I’m being a bit more specific re: places

I think the Khanate always stays near the middle of the map, though I could be wrong; Polythreme though I’ve had up northeast of the Khanate so I think it could probably end up anywhere.

If it’s your first mission you can obviously wait, I’ve also had THAT way off on the east side of the map, which was annoying.

[li]again, the nav bug. you might find the Bruiser and Admiralty runs much, much easier once the guidance improves.

generally speaking, the target will always be from a predetermined set of ports. the choice from that set is randomized, so you might be asked to hit the same place over and over, or other places almost never. but you usually get a mix of locations that are intended to drive you to explore the boundaries of your knowledge. but no, it’s not a planned or structured target set.