Another Day

A figure scurries up the side of one of the nearby building. A disheveled young lady begins running on the roof tops. She swiftly moves from one roof to the next in her dash across the roof tops. Leaping and hopping and charging across the roof tops.

There it is just a little further. She bolts over the makeshift wooden bridge and jumps down onto a house next to the old chapel. She looks at the gap between the two buildings and marches over to peer over the edge.

She whistles. &quotTha’ is quite a fall that is.&quot She measures up the distance and nods to herself. &quotI fink I can make that.&quot

She backs up and charges down the roof knocking a few tiles loose as she leaps towards the chapel. She soars through the air until her hands catch the edges of the roof. She begins to pull herself up onto the roof, one arm and then the other and finally one leg and then the other. She stays seated their for a second to catch her breath. Her chest heaving in and out.

With one more long breath she pushes herself up and walks over to front of the chapel. She takes a seat, letting her legs dangle over the edge. She looks out at the rest of the city, and smiles. She made it in time. Now that she was no longer rushing, she finally notices her hair, which was in more of a mess than usual. She undoes the bun and lets her hair fall to her shoulders and then looks back towards the city itself.

The lights were quite dim, but as she watched people began to refuel gas lamps and relight the candles, and the dim, dying lights began to live again. They flared and the darkness was pushed back. Like a fire it leaped from one house to the next. It was beautiful. She had always loved this time in the early morning or whatever could be called the morning in the Neath.

A few urchins were gathered on another roof not too far from her. A few stared at the odd disheveled woman sitting on the decrepit chapel. She noticed them as well. She blindly felt around the roof as she kept her eyes on them until her fingers found what she was looking for.

&quotGet outta 'ere yah runts!&quot She shouted as the rock she tossed soared towards them. The rock soared right past one of the urchins causing the child to yelp in fear. The urchins scatter. Taken off guard by the strange newcomer and not wanting to be hit by a possible second one they ran off each in a different direction. She smiled. They wouldn’t ruin this.

As she sat there she continued to watch the lights, but her mind began to wander. It had been too long since last she visited this place. A few old memories began to resurface. She tried to ignore those thoughts but try as she might she couldn’t push those memories out of her head.

She looks down half expecting… no wishing that she could see that familiar face again. Her thoughts grow sombre for a moment, but only for a moment as a smile slowly appears on her face. They weren’t all bad. Maybe she did want to remember… just for a bit.

She looks up and watches the lights shine throughout the city.
edited by Lord Gazter on 10/20/2016