Announcing Firmament

Sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing it all play out.


I think my biggest takeaway is “oh thank god” because 1) this sounds AMAZING but 2) I should be almost done with the railways building by then I think and what a LOVELY way to split my time!!


I suddenly wonder if this’ll do to The Cities That Fell card what Evolution did for The Seekers of the Garden…


I imagine Storm isn’t going to be happy about this


Off topic:

(…wait, there actually is an entity named storm? I thought “praying to storm” was just an expression)

Storm is one of the gods of the Unterzee, with Stone and Salt being the other two. The Mind of a Long-Dead God is Storm.


(really? I always thought about the fathom king as a sort of god of the unterzee. Either way, thanks for the explanation, dude!)

The Fathom King is closer I think to like, an equivalent of The Dutchess. Just some really old dude from one of the first cities as far as I can remember.

There is another slightly lesser zee deity but she mostly only shows up in ES’s. Salt, Stone and Storm were most heavily discussed though, especially in Sunless Sea.


Fascinating! And thank you for explaining that.

Really excited by your excitement for this one. It’s going to be something special I think.


Stone is in fact his sister-in-law, apparently. Through some process or other, he seems to be married to a lornest-fluke. That’s why he’s the way he is now. And somehow the flukes are siblings to Stone. It’s all rather confusing. But anyway he’s got some share of divinity by marriage I guess.


AFAIK the rules for reproduction in the High Wilderness are: literally anything can schtupp anything else with sufficient effort.

And the Bazaar was evidently something of a get around girl before arriving in the Neath according to Slivvy.

“We knew it once. Our ancestor-tribes. We go back farther than anyone knows. Some says the Second City.” (His stutter’s gone.) “But I think we goes back farther than that. I think the Bazaar had other children.


Well you see, the Thief of Faces is another Axile native, so it’s related to the Flukes who are also Axile natives. And the Thief of Faces had a fling with/assaulted (it’s not super clear) Stone, which resulted in the Snuffers and Mount Nomad. Assuming we call whatever relationship Stone and the TOF had a marriage, that makes Stone a sister-in-law to the Flukes, one of whom the Fathomking is married to. So, the Fathomking is Stone’s Brother-in-law-in-law, if I’ve connected the dots correctly.

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So now they’re launching a sort of allegory to Sunless Skies. Neat. And I still haven’t even touched the railway arc. This is so cool!! And all the other gizmos they’re adding too, it’s gonna be amazing, hear?


Isn’t she mentioned in Evolution too?

I think it’s already special considering that you slightly hinted at this early this year:

Introduce (and land) a new major storyline


Ummm… Maybe? I don’t remember. But she occasionally actually shows up and interacts with you in ES’s.


What’s her name? There’s a good chance I remember, and if I don’t I can always consult the screenshots-i recorded everything.

Lady Black


hamm…no, I can’t seem to remember that. I’ll go check the records later to see.

She most recently featured in The Tale of Old Fritz, and is delightful.