Announcing Firmament

Isn’t she mentioned in Evolution too?

I think it’s already special considering that you slightly hinted at this early this year:

Introduce (and land) a new major storyline


Ummm… Maybe? I don’t remember. But she occasionally actually shows up and interacts with you in ES’s.


What’s her name? There’s a good chance I remember, and if I don’t I can always consult the screenshots-i recorded everything.

Lady Black


hamm…no, I can’t seem to remember that. I’ll go check the records later to see.

She most recently featured in The Tale of Old Fritz, and is delightful.


Really? Good for her.

She also appears in a hidden ending for Sunless Sea.


Does it really count as hidden? It’s not particularly well-hidden, at any rate. All you really need to do is explore some, then follow the signposts on a bit of a scavenger hunt. Well, that and have the DLC.

New Outfit slots, hm?

Does that mean more Cats to purrchase from Mr. Chimes Lost and Found?
If not, I will be personally mewling at my screen during tea time.


I long think that, besides the new gear and additions we got, 1 or 2 more Fate-free outfit slots are a must because we got multiple actions with double skill check and many menace reduction items. Maybe just increase the default; the menace items are great for newcommers.
With too few outfits, many items are not used or we end up with click galore.

Now we will get more items slots which means that the possibilities expand and the requires too.


I’m glad for some new item slots - I’m in the middle of trying to raise my notability enough to reset my POSI specialization, and every bit of BDR helps.

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so, huh…could anybody give me a summery of what happned during the last estival? who are the starved man, why did they attack, how did “hmmmmm plants” turn into “EPIC SKY-SHIP BATTLE TO SAVE LONDON!”, and general important stuff that happned? for people like me who missed out on it.

…well, in my case i had nothing limting me from participaiting, i just saw the plant growing and decided to ignore the whole thing :sweat_smile:


This Wiki page is a pretty good summary: The London Horticultural Show (historical) - Fallen London Wiki

As for how “hmm plans” turned into something else, it’s because a Starved Stalactite dropped from the ceiling into the greenhouse during the opening ceremony. The sky-ships came perhaps a week later.

The most important thing lore-wise that wasn’t already established but in retrospect might have been guessed at, is that there are different groups of Starved Men who often disagree with each other. Dropping the Spire was, it turns out, the nice guys who were just trying to help. Totally different than pew pew pew sun roof lasers guys.


Well, okay! Didn’t know the wiki did story summaries, thought it was just a mechanics wiki and the other one dealt with lore & story, but that’s admittedly a rather stupid guess. Thank you, psgarak!

If you want details, you can see my screenshot archive of the event. Although, I did not collected all and every clue…


Ah. Lovely.

I want to build a base camp at the Roof. I wonder if there’d be any fortification or expansion of the bone excavation site. I wish to have tea with Dr Vaughan, or visit my star child. An interesting new frontier.


As for the luggage, well, I think a Starved luggage would be nice.


They are adding new skills and item slots to make money. They are also making money from selling outfit slots. I think they would continue business as usual: hand out some items as rewards for playing and sell everything else.


I don’t know that this is a fair take. I’m sure it contributes, at least a bit, sure. But to say that’s the reason they’re doing these things is… reductive at best?

Like yes, they’re running an indie game studio. They need revenue, and to that extent having more players stick around longer will always lead to that revenue. But they’ve like. Made it CLEAR that they get most of their revenue in FL from EF’s, and those… are not generally where FATE-locked items come from. So to say that they’re introducing new skills and item slots for finance is a bit of a stretch.

They’re introducing them because the bulk of the player base already has all their skills maxed out, and the BiS gear (either period or, if they’re fate free players, the best available without spending fate) and so of course they’re going to, in an expansion, add new things for players to do that will give them activities outside of the immediate new stories to work towards.

I do agree that we won’t be likely to get new outfit slots for free though. We already don’t have enough for the 4 core slots and the 7 MAGCATS skills.