[color=#cc9900]Hi all. We’ve discovered a couple of bugs affecting certain social acts and living stories in Fallen London. These bugs will particularly affect people playing on the iOS app (which launches tomorrow!) or browser-players interacting with app-users. [/color]
[color=#cc9900]We’re going to lock some pieces of content away temporarily until the bug can be fixed. The affected content is:[/color]
[color=#cc9900]- player marriage and divorce[/color]
[color=#cc9900]- moods[/color]
[color=#cc9900]Apologies for the inconvenience. This content should return in a couple of weeks - we’ll keep you informed! [/color]

Argh, this is the worst timing ever, can the mood cards still be drawn at least?

[color=#ff9900]The mood cards can’t be drawn at the moment. If you currently have one in your hand, though, you’ll retain it - so if you want to hang on to it until the content is restored, you can.[/color]

Glad to see this is getting fixed. While it didn’t deter us from marriage, Parelle and I did run into a few annoying problems with divorcing my inactive ex and finally proposing. Hope no one else has these issues after it’s dealt with. Thanks Chris and the rest of staff!

I hope fixing this bug also involves fixing the issue where social actions sent or accepted very closely together show up in the wrong order in the messages tab :)

What happens if you activate a mood before the hiatus starts, and it is active while moods are locked away?

Probably the same thing that happens when you put a Bag of Holding into your Portable Hole…

Rift to astral plane that only those two items go into? or did you mean the other way around, where they and everything in a 10-foot radius are dragged into the astral plane?
edited by Grenem on 4/18/2016

Good question, as I can’t recall the precise verbiage – it being several editions ago – I suggest we do some practical experimentation!

Science! (for values of Science! including “Magic!”)

Well it already started and all the options on the mood card I have are Impossible! but I’d bet the living story would activate as before, potentially with bug. After all the issue is that it doesn’t happen properly when interacting with the app, not that it can’t happen at all.

welp, I literally just got the last item needed for a rather amazing proposal. back to the waiting room for now.

Oh boo! And here for a moment I got excited that there was going to be new mood-based options available to married players. Now I’m left wanting for:

An twist in your tale! Your spouse is now Seriously Stroppy. No dinner for you this evening.

Unaccountably Peckish is increasing.
Nightmares is increasing.
You have lost 1x Touching Love Story.

Considering how expensive the higher weddings are, this may be fixed by the time you’re ready ;)

Any news on when marriage to other players is getting fixed? Asking for a friend. ;)