Angry monkeys and loose change.

I am in need of currency from the First City, but all I can do is anger a monkey and possibly get one measly coin. I figure I should wait until I get other Qualities etc in order to get more coins, but how can I apologize to the poor simian?

Oh, don’t worry. He will extract penance from you later, you may be assured of it.

Really, you don’t want to use that method. In fact, leave your FL name or account name, and I can offer some coins, as can a few other Marvellers. (Some of us have quite a hoard of them now)

Oh, cool. I’m Ace Jackson in game. Thank you.

speaking of which, I am at the content limit for the Heart’s Desire ambition, and I still seem to have 1 point of Simian Revenge… is this a bug, or an available possibility? I thought you couldn’t advance in this ambition if you had any points at all in this quality, and yet, here I am, and there it is…

That’s… kind of weird. I thought you had to get rid of that quality much earlier. You might submit that as a bug report (make sure you detail where you are in the storyline) and see what they say.

Ace Jackson, would you like someone to rob the Museum for coins for you? Because I would be happy to!

I also have that point (though now I have to go to where the Screaming Map points), I think it is because I made my monkey cooperate with threats of violence instead of honey, I hope it won’t affect anything down the line…

Congratulations Mr. Jackson, you are now thirty coins richer. I always keep 78 coins on hand (77 for the Marvellous, and another as a memento from a dear individual), but I happened to have an extra thirty as a result from an exchange with the Portly Sommelier. Good luck, and play well.

After I make my return from prison, I could send you thirty as well! Although, it seems you’ve already gotten quite a few offers, so just let me know if you still need them.[li]
edited by Sherman Jones on 12/7/2013

Thank you so much everyone. You’ve really helped.