Android app: new character


I’ve been invited to the Android beta a few moments ago, and installed the app on my phone.

After downloading what needs to be downloaded, I logged in with my fallen london account, and was asked to create a new character.

This is disturbing. Is the progress not shared with the desktop? Will creating a new character destroy the previous one? Am I encountering a bug, a misleading UI, or am I just missing something?

I thank you for your help.

For that kind of thing you’d be better off emailing/contacting support however they advise you to in the Beta sign-up email, I think. If in doubt fire off a query to

It certainly sounds like, if you logged in with your FL account, that your normal character should be available.
EDIT: Suincide’s suggestion is completely sensible, as well. As I said, if you’re unsure contact FBG directly.
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For the apple version, they kept the app and the browser versions seperate. Since the app is being worked on, it might actually be possible to screw up your character with it, so it gets a seperate save.

Oh, really? I passed on the beta when I realized I’d have to log in with my same account – or create some new e-mail somewhere (which I didn’t want to do). I was afraid I’d wreck my Absimiliard – whom I love very much (even if I do horrible things to them, poor dear).

Yeah, I emailed them after I found several valuable items missing from my account. Glad they did that though.

The latest post here: answers a lot of these questions too.