And so a story begins...

I was inspired a while back to start writing something of Sunless sea, particularly as the updates started increasing the amount of interest out on the waters. It’s an epic tale of a dock worker who found that their parents had been something more than they imagined, and the journey they take to find out exactly what is out there. I’m to a point now where I think I can put the beginnings of the story out there (Currently running at around 37000 words, should be able to finish it for the end of the year), the question would be whether to put it up here in installments or to leave it on my blog with a link from here?


Why not post it on AO3 ( and then link back here?

Interesting, I’ve never encountered that place before, will investigate, thanks for that.

Heh, it must be in the air - I’ve kept a Captain’s Log for my Sapphire play-through. An adventurous urchin and now her rather more wayward daughter - I’m having as much fun with these characters coming to life (along with the officers) as with uncovering all the new content (which is awesome) as they sail around the map.

Fallen London / Echo Bazaar looks to have a fandom on AO3 - perhaps we can create a distinct one for Sunless Sea and see how many more of us come out of the woodwork :)
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I second AO3. Their interface is easy to navigate and you may get other non-forum readers looking for FL stories.