An Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow

I took a long hiatus from this game so the last sacksmass I was present for was a while ago. At that time the only thing I remember being able to do was flitch items from Mr Sack’s bag (stuff like memories of a distant shore, tales of terror and Extraordinary Implications) which didn’t really have a use at the time. As such, this whole pale of snow thing is a bit new to me.[li]

Thus I implore those who have not been in hibernation for the past few years to fill me about this peculiar substance. There seem to be a few uses of this snow when I click on it and they seem to be the same as is listed on the wiki. This brings me to my first question, is this a substance of very limited quantity, or is it likely that I shall come across more in the future? Is there some use to which it may be put later for which it would be worthwhile to hold on to it? Lastly, if there is some supply of the stuff and its not worth hanging on to, is the taste of lacre quality worth raising or should I simply gamble for that rather peculiar crab?[/li][li]
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It can be used for a bunch of stuff. It used to be just for lore and a few unique items but its been updated this year. Its possibly we will get more later this year. I highly doubt its limited. The taste of lacre quality HAS been required for the occasional option but really the entire quality aswell as the lacre is meant for lore. I doubt you could save the actual PILE of lacre for anything interesting.

What is the best use for A Pail of So-Called Snow? Please help.

Mate, no offense, but there’s last year’s guide, weekly question thread and this Sackmas official thread. You’ll find more than enough information there (specially on the first post of the guide with the links), but you’ll also understand that things may be different from last year.

Cheers and good luck! :D
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Much is explained here:

Some rough answers to basic questions.

[b]Will I get more?

[/b]Yes. There should be 3 or 4 weeks where time the healer causes you to get snowed in, which results in you getting a pail by clearing the path. You should eventually be able to purchase them from the Urchins connected card at great cost (I can’t remember what exactly the cost was last year, but a Night Whisper is involved). So expect to end up with 4 or 5 free ones plus whatever you buy from the urchins. I had 30 last year because of an attempt to keep something called a Noman alive until the Feast of the Exceptional Rose in February.

[b]What should I do with them?

[/b]Build up your Putting the Pieces Together: The Taste of Lacre quality. The wiki is the best place to go to figure out what all the options are, how much they boost it, and what the limitations of those boosts are. It’s not the simplest system. In January, you’ll be able to trade this value for some seasonal specific rewards and things.

[b]Anything else I should know?

[/b]You can’t save them up year to year. They melt around the end of January so they’re a use it or lose it item. Your Tase of Lacre quality does persist though.