An Unsigned Letter

I’m asking more out of desperation than genuine faith, but I’ve used my Favourable Circumstance to get promoted from Rat-Catcher to Stalker quickly.

Are there any ways to get a Favourable Circumstance or An Unsigned Letter on short notice that don’t involve spending Fate?


Sure, you can grind Favourable circumstances with Notability:


1-ah, a fellow player on the rat-catcher>stalker>monster hunter grind! God, I remember when I was on it-which brings me to your question: no, there is, as far as I am aware, no way of force-drawing “an unsigned letter” without favorable circumstances and very little ways to gain favorable circumstances without fate or notability, and frankly I think the notability cost isn’t worth it at all. Of course, you could just try and drew it from your deck. Hold strong, sibling-use your weekly favorable circumstances to drew the card and drew your deck regularly and you’ll get there, this I swear!

EDIT: oh, you’re actually more experienced than me, and are merely switching jobs…do excuse me, sibling.


As expected, but thanks for confirming anyway. I’ve said this before but I still think of myself as a casual player. Just…a very tenacious one?

The point is, I’m not one of the chaps playing the game with a spreadsheet and occasionally I find myself forgetting things like this. It’s funny. Getting so much much else in the game is streamlined nowadays, it’s easier to get Impossible Theorems and make money in general than ever before, but Favourable Circumstances are still…unfavourably circumstantial.


OH and got distracted by another thread but thanks for the quick reminder, like I said I’ve been playing so long I’ve forgotten basic solutions like this

If you had a Sheaf or Stack of Poetic First Drafts (Nostalgia item), you could arrange Favourable Circumstances…

(if you never had them, you can still claim them from the Unsanctioned Relicker for 10 x Touching Love Stories)


…oh b*gger, now I really feel silly. Still if I could like your reply twice, I would! Can’t believe I bought this thing ages ago without bothering to read what it actually does, just because it was there