An Unpleasant Dream - New card?

Found an Opportunity Card I hadn’t encountered before:

[quote]An Unpleasant Dream (gold-bordered, non-discardable.)
&quotThe nightmare holds you tight&quot
Requires: Nightmares 5, The Court of Cats 100-200.[/quote]

It’s entirely possible that the card has been about for longer than that, as The Court Of Cats was the Exceptional Story from June 2015, but this one was new to me so I just wanted to let people know it exists. ^_^
([i]I won’t go into the details of what’s on the card though, because Exceptional Stories are generally treated as Fate-locked. It does appear to possible take you elsewhere though.)

[/i]Edit: Also, as I just happened to find out the hard way, it vanishes from your hand if your Nightmares get reduced below 5. Which is nice if you want to empty your hand, but less nice if you wanted to experience the card for the first time. :-p
edited by Kittenpox on 2/16/2016

So the Merry Gentleman has competition on our dreams now :)

Quite possibly! The card’s icon implies pretty heavily that it’s related to dreams, etc. :-)
edited by Kittenpox on 2/16/2016

If I remember correctly, this is a one-shot card to get an additional reward after finishing Court of Cats. You won’t see it again after you’ve played it, I’m afraid!

Good to know. Thankyou!