An Offering of Real-Life Christmas Cards

Dear friends,

Overcome by the festive spirit, I’ve ended up purchasing more real-life Christmas cards and stamps than I quite know what to do with. Therefore I’ve decided to send some in-character cards to willing members of the Fallen London community in real life!

However, my resources are limited and the Paper Door of the Bazaar has shut. In the traditional Fallen London Christmas mode, I will be sending seven real-life Christmas cards to the first seven people who reply to this thread indicating interest. Seven is the Number, after all.


  • I have asked for and received approval from FBG to go ahead with this. Flyte, would you mind confirming that?
  • Obviously, to send you a card I’ll need to contact you via PM and ask you for a real-life address to send it to. If you’re not comfortable with that, don’t ask for one.
  • I won’t send you anything other than a card (Ratmas is over for the year), and I won’t use your address for any other purpose or pass it on.
  • This will be a card written by my character in Fallen London to yours (even if they’re not Acquainted). If you give your character name, I’ll address it to them if you like.
  • I’ll post anywhere in the world, but be aware I’m posting from Ireland so they may take a while to arrive.

Happy Christmas!

Asclepius Unbound

Update: Those currently receiving cards

  • Aximillio (sent and received)
  • Ginneon Thursday (sent and received)
  • Ewan C (sent)
  • The Dark Gentleman (sent and received)
  • real_waffle (did not provide address)
  • cheshster (sent and received)
  • Grove (sent)

All cards are now gone! People can comment and send me their address via PM if they like, but I make no promises as to whether I’ll get to you.
edited by Asclepius Unbound on 1/29/2015

That sounds very interesting. And best of wishes for Christmas to you as well!

This sounds delightful! Ginneon would love a card.

Sold! And if you are of a mind that would welcome one in return, Ewan C - err, I; but we are one - would be most delighted to oblige.[li]

Also, if you’re in Ireland, go to bed! Your Scandal is increasing…

edited by Ewan C. on 12/19/2014

I would be delighted to receive such a Card. It would fit thematically with the other things I get from far-flung folk I’ve never actually met. Happy Holidays!

I’m up for it!

I would love a card!

Aximillio, The Dark Gentleman, cheshster, Ginneon Thursday: Your cards have been sent!

Ewan C, real_waffle: Please PM me your addresses.

One card left! Who will get it?

I would be happy to receive your card!

Excellent! That’s all seven, then!

When you get them, please let me know here. I hope you like them!

Thank you very much! I’ll be sure to let you know when it arrives.

Asclepius Unbound, your wonderful Card arrived last night with perfect timing. The note concerning the frontispiece made me smile. Also, the rest of your message was absolutely delicious. Thank you for the spot of overseas holiday cheer. Please do let me know if ever you wish to receive a real-life Card in return.

I received mine on the 24th as well, and it was absolutely delicious! It’s incredible what you can tell through those change messages =P

I received mine today. Unfortunately, it appears to have gone under the sea, rather than over:

Nevertheless, it remained legible despite the best efforts of the USPS and An Post, and was an absolute delight to receive.

Good Lord, that’s an impressive screwup from the postal service! Very glad it arrived, despite the dunking in zee-water. Thanks so much for the photos!

Some updates:

real_waffle never sent me an address, so isn’t getting one.

Ginneon Thursday, The Dark Gentleman, Aximillio, and cheshster have received theirs.

Ewan C, Grove: I received your addresses later than the others, so I didn’t get to send them before Christmas and have been shamefully lax since then. They’ll be sent tomorrow: apologies!

Very glad all who’ve received them have so far enjoyed them.
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My good sir, 'tis naught indeed!

Posted the last cards two days ago, so expect them early- to mid-next week. Sorry about the delays.

Merry Christmas all!