An observation about the Bazaar (SPOILERS)

This is probably gonna be banal to most of the really experienced players, but having just met the King with a Hundred Hearts, I just realized that the Bazaar is basically like the evil genie that lives to screw you over with your wishes. Spoilers below (I don’t know how to blank them out).


It promised the Manager of the Royal Beth (i.e. Gilgamesh) that his love would live - but not that they’d be together.

It promised Victoria that Albert would live, but not that their children would.

It promised Mr. Eaten that all should be well, but it didn’t specify exactly what it meant by &quotWell&quot.

It pulled a similar shenanigan during &quotThe Silver Tree&quot, IIRC.

So, again: the Bazaar is basically the douchebag genie that lives to screw you over. One wonders what the Sun saw in it.

All Shall Be Well is a general phrase in Fallen London, linked to the Anchoress’ Promise. The Bazaar never promised such a thing to Mr. Eaten. It was something completely different that happened during Mr. Eaten’s tragedy.

I don’t think that the Bazaar is an evil genie specifically trying to screw people over - it’s more like a genie so alien it doesn’t understand how people work. For example, from the Wash of Sunlight event we have &quotThe first taught restraint.&quot The Bazaar didn’t intend to turn the Hundreds into a city, but it failed to understand people to the point where it thought giving someone part of Stone as a heart was a good idea.

All the Masters were promised that all shall be well; that was the contract for their service in the Neath.

All shall be well and all matter of things shall be

Not excactly true for the torment destiny…