An Illegitimate Correspondence Course

Whenever I feel restless, I doodle made-up sigils. So far, in order of creation…

“in memory and in mourning”

“to be immobilized under the weight of one’s self-reproach”

“an unexpected blessing, revealed later to be a curse”

“all things as they are already perceived, eternally”
(A friend was composing symphonies for SotC, and decided that his character was actually performing the same symphony over and over - so naturally, I had to try and draw a sigil for what that symphony meant in Correspondence!)

“a course of action that can only be delayed, not avoided”

“reluctance, compounded by resent”

Probably more to come, eventually.



Clears throat aham, yeah, that’s, ah, that’s very nice NinethLions, you clearly put a lot of effort into it. Can I kindly ask what medium you drew those in? I don’t recognize the black background.

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Aw, thank you! I use glitter gel pen (Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust, which… is actually very fitting for the Correspondence) on a variety of black papers. The first few were done on plain black printer paper, and later ones were done on some fancier papers - namely, lokta paper and jute fiber paper.

I fold them into crows afterwards and send them to friends to place around their hometowns, where they will hopefully surprise and delight strangers (and not burst into flames, induce insanity, or displace eyebrows).



crows!!! I love corvids!!! They’re so pretty my god…

I considered folding them into cranes, but crows just felt more appropriate for the Neath, y’know?


These are beautiful! Both the sigils and the meanings.

Also, I appreciate your restraint in only posting six - we wouldn’t want anyone’s computer screen exploding, after all.


Someone on the Fallen London Discord asked me if I had any sigils in mind for these Correspondence-meanings, from the ongoing Shifting Streets world event:

In the movements and conjunctions of these streets there is a rhythm, a spatial analogue to the Correspondence. Patterns of meaning. To turn away from the light. To find shelter in eclipse. An inwards-tugging gravity. The city burns with possibility.

So I decided to give them a go!

“to turn away from the light”

“to find shelter in eclipse”

“an inwards-tugging gravity”

As a bonus, here’s a bunch of failed attempts at pinning down these sigils:


“to turn away from the light” was especially difficult to pin down. Apparently the trick was switching to fluorescent pink gel pen.

Comparatively, “to find shelter in eclipse” took relatively few tries.

“an inwards-tugging gravity” was trickier, but still not as tricky as “to turn away from the light”. (Bonus bonus, on the right: b_____d sigil fragment that wouldn’t leave me alone until I drew it.)


As someone who gave up on any kind of art long ago, I’m both impressed and a little jealous. Love inwards-hugging gravity in particular, that one’s arcs really sells the meaning to me somehow.


Ahh so cute! :D

As an overly enthusiastic Scholar of the Correspondence, I have bookmarked this thread for sucking all relevant information later on, when I feel like doing it.

(what? “Nolongeranidiot”? aw, I liked the old one.)

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