An Exceptional Mystery

It’s become a pretty regular pattern that exceptional stories arrive on the last Thursday of the month and promo for them starts popping up on social media a week in advance. I just realized that this Thursday is the last Thursday of the month and I have seen no promo (at least, not on Twitter). Now a reasonable person might assume that they’ve been busy promoing the election stuff, zubmarine beta, steam sale, etc. And just haven’t has time to talk about the upcoming ES. But being reasonable is no fun. So let us begin the unreasonable act of wild guessing.

My theory: The next ES starts with all the exceptional Seekers getting surprise perma-murdered and all the other exceptionals get a story about stabbing them to death. They haven’t hinted at it so the Seekers don’t have a chance to spot the danger and bail.

Well, this Thursday is my birthday, so I am just going to assume that they’re waiting to jump out of my closet with it and yell SURPRISE!

The surprise Seeker-stabbing confirmed for occurring in the Flit!

Dreamcrusher. :(