An Exceptional Announcement: Flint

“Two-part”. “Bigger than a standard Exceptional Story”. You had my curiosity, now you have my attention. And my money, twice.

[quote=Hannah Flynn]Part I is coming on 29 October, and Part II will follow on 26 November.
Regular subscribers will have access to the first part of the story in November. Anyone who is an Exceptional Friend in December will be able to play both parts of the story then.

I’m confused by the dates. Part I in October, Part II in November, but the &quotfirst part&quot in November?

Part I is coming on 29 October and is the November Exceptional Story. Most Exceptional stories for the month X start in the last days of the month X-1.

ETA: Part II is the December Exceptional story and correspondingly comes online in the last few days of November.

29-31 October: Part 1 (November story)
1-25 November: Part 1 (November story)
26-30 November: Part 2 (December story)
1 - late December: Part 2 (December story)
Last days of December: January story

This is possibly slightly counter intuitive but has been this way since May 2015.
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Thanks! So, &quotaccess to the first part of the story in November&quot was just indicating that it would be the November story (which will be accessible in late October).

Strike a light!

I made an account only to comment just how hyped I am about this. I have been thinking for a long time that it would be amazing if the Exceptional stories carried slightly more weight and truly &quotnew&quot lore, and this is more than I had hoped for. Pretender gods? Visiting the elder continent? Larger than normal stories?

You can have my subscription for both months, Failbetter. Go the hell ahead.

Very interesting ! I was so curious about the Presbyterate… I like the art as well, even though the weird look in the eyes of the guy with the knife would have deserved more shadows. ^^

Getting ever closer to the garden, as a proud member of the Dilmun club this is the most exeptional of adventures.

Now this truly seems fascinating. The only drawback is it means I’ll have to give you money twice–although if the Elder Continent is anything like I hope it is, by god (real or pretender) you can have it.

It only requires one month of Exceptional Friendship to play the whole story if you buy it during the second half of the story. (In addition, one month’s worth of EF gets you two months’ stories, since Friendship doesn’t reset when the stories do.)

I’m totally with you, Robin. I’ve been wanting to replay this for so long but it’s incredibly expensive for a story I already know. I was actually hoping for a Christmas discount (one year anniversary and all that) but no such luck.