An endless selection

Pages and pages of possibilities for tattoo’s, and of course &quotno tattoo&quot if you quest respectable…

I find it quite difficult to choose.

Has anybody found &quotsultan’s dream&quot yet?

Can you still get drunk to get a random tattoo that is always Bizarre? That option didn’t exist for my second tattoo.

No drunken option.

They really missed an opportunity when they made the bazaar tattoo a dreaded one.

I love the tattoos; I love all the choices and really taking the time to think about it. And a second tattoo is such a nice bonus.

I’m super happy with the Feast this year, I have to say: it’s clear to me that the economics of it have been tweaked to make it even more accessible for people who don’t want to pay Fate; you can get quite good Companions, stats-wise, without paying Fate, making the expensive ones a matter of role-playing not economic “necessity,” and all the different options are really fun and enjoyable. Thanks, FBG!

How do I get a second tattoo? I have one from last year but don’t remember how I got the option. Am I just waiting on an opp card?

EDIT: Nevermind, apparently I just go back to the parlor. Probably should have checked that.
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Wait what? Can you get a second tattoo? Is there a cap for them?

If you got a tattoo last year, you can go back to the parlor and get another one. You can even get the same one again, I think, although that would be wildly uncreative.

There’s no cap on the stats from them, it seems (at least not one we can reach with only two tattoos), because I got two Bizarre tattoos and now have 2 base Bizarre.

A pity you can’t see Lilac’s reaction to the Invisible City request. I would have liked to know how she drew that.

I don’t think she fails as a character though despite Alexis’s commentary, having colleagues like Penstock makes her feel a lot more plausible. On the other hand you do have the Cultured Attache(e) whose silence making divorce a very tempting option…

I hear ya. I’m holding out to see if s/he’ll get more development later, but the lack of a card is very unfortunate.

Right, now that the event has passed, what tattoo did YOU get?

Sara Hysaro got The Scar in the Sky last year, and this year picked up The Cards. I think those two suit her really well.

Madison Lavery has a tattoo of her her long lost brother (someone she loved), and added Just a Knife to represent her defeat of Jack-of-Smiles. Her patron was killed as a result of Jack, so while she wasn’t particularly close to him it was still satisfying to end Jack for good.

Gloria Marie Valdez’s tattoos are The Sun and Parabola. Her Destiny leads her into the latter, and while there isn’t anything especially meaningful about the sun for Gloria it just felt right at the time.

And lastly, Delmar Tramontane’s two tattoos are of Flute Street and The Gift. Honestly I probably wouldn’t have gotten the Gift for him normally, but I wanted to see the text.

The Invisible City. Although I hope Lilac offers Penstock without the Wicket next year :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the Velocospeed Squad tattoo since I need to raise my dreaded quality.

I would’ve gotten the invisible city but I only managed to meet its prerequisite several days AFTER i got my tattoo.

So I have Flute Street instead.

If it makes you feel any better, you could also rightly say you’ve now got an INVISIBLE invisible city tattoo (as viewed from within a certain invisible city)…

(&as you can see I somehow ended up with the extra point of Bizarre IRL instead!)

ah, metanarrative.


Last year I got London from above, as a tribute to the worldbuilding; this year I got the Ubergoat, because I was the first (on the forums, at least) to get one and it reminds me of this community.

My low-level alt’s first tattoo was this year, and was the Sun, for joy and warmth.