An Ancient-Ish Treasure Map

Can you still get it after you &quotkill&quot them? Or is that part is forever blocked?

Uh. Kill who?

OOOOOHHH!!! I love the pronoun game!!!

No idea, I refuse to become one of &quotthem&quot so apparently there’s no way for me to poison them. (funny how the one with the map isn’t really one of them either - he only pretends, and yet you can’t…)

But let me tell you that the map is hardly worth bothering with. The reward is barely above the enigma you spent to get it. If it wasn’t so easy to get to (once you know where it is, that is) I’d never trade for it a second time. Proves the point in it’s own weird way - you’re either doing charity OR making profit, never both at the same time. And that one was charity if you ask me. That kind of gain isn’t worth that kind of trouble. And that’s BEFORE you factor in the fact that you can’t trade with him afterwards.
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The cannibals in the empire of hands

And, no idea, I made sure to grab it first.
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He’s not one of them, and doesn’t partake in their feasts, so…

Ah, got it, thx Red.
Would’ve been nice if they add like a looting way afterwards or something, so at least we can still access the story.