Ambiton: T.E.F. - A Mod Project

I have embarked upon a rather ambitious project: to create a legitimate story mod.

I have noticed that there aren’t very many mods. Heck, there are more threads asking about it than there are actual mods! In case you don’t know, it seems the main hub for mod-related discussion is on the Steam page for Sunless Sea (and not on the Failbetter Forums). Frankly, I just want to know if literally anyone would be interested in such a thing.

If you have read this far, thank you! Allow me to tell you some details about the mod I may publish (if I receive ample confirmation of interest)…

Can someone claim that they know all? That they know everything? At its core, it sounds… very cliché. The claim has been claimed over and over again. By the erudite. By the mad-men. Perhaps by even an apparently immortal being or two. Instead of becoming all-knowing, most only claw at the secrets they want to know.
… And then there are those who try to pursue the path to knowing everything. Something will stop them. Usually it is some dread tidbit of knowledge that will cause them to re-evaluate their career choices. Willingly.
Some do not get this option.

That is what happens to such people. Every. Single. Time.

Which is why Tef tries to stop existing. Tries.
The Elusive Figure! May be coming soon to a mod somewhat within your vicinity!

(Another mod I made, gives all legacy items at start! LegacyEXTREME - All At Start :: Sunless Sea Sunless Sea Mods )

I would be very interested. :)

The Elusive Figure, self-called &quotTef,&quot is a person who apparently knows everything. A side effect of this conundrum is the partaking of a rather nasty hobby of being bored. Oh, and that no light can illuminate their figure. But, priorities.

Tef, really, just wants to end itself (as it has quite literally reached the ultimate end goal in knowledge-seeking). Sadly, in order to know everything Tef needs to ‘update’ it’s information regularly.
That means staying alive. Joy.
So here we have it’s problem. It wants to die because it knows everything, yet it can only die if it knows everything, which means it must stay alive to know everything in order to die from knowing everything.

And those who die know no more.

At least the occasional zee-captain keeps it entertained by asking questions…

The main thing I’m iffy about is a SS character directly referencing their title, but, knowing about how much they know, I shouldn’t be as surprised to see them making a reference to such meta information as their title.