Ambition: Nemesis

I don’t want spoilers, my level is 28, and what will I need in the Iron republic? I already have the seal, got it early because I wanted the journal, and I’m curious if there is any items I need to get before I get there. [li]

5 Portfolios of Souls and a Stone-Tentacle Key, if memory serves me correctly.

Gahh, I sold all my souls.

I suggest theft in the Flit, and also a particular gift from the Capering Relicker if your Someone is Coming is high enough and you have no soul.

Thanks! I recently got the key so now I’m set off to Zee.

Delicious friends, is there any news about an update? Where should I be expecting it?

[color=#ff9900]Working on it even now. Soon![/color]

Thanks a lot, kind Sir !