Ambition: Nemesis: Memories of Distant Shores

[li]Good evening, delicious friends.

First off, a quick comment: I’ve been playing the game for about three weeks now and I’m having a blast. I really can’t heap enough praise on the game. Many thanks to the developers for an excellent experience.

Ok, my question. I’m pursuing my ambition, I’m currently at level 19 and Carrwyell wants an absurd quantity of Memories of Distant Shores. I can’t see any way to earn them while I’m in the Tomb Colonies, so back to Fallen London I go.

This is the second time I’ve had to hop between the Tomb Colonies and Fallen London and it’s getting to be an expensive journey. I’m enjoying exploring the game so I’d like to avoid simply using the wikis to see how many materials I need, but I’m afraid I’ll gather the materials and go back mto Carrywell and she’ll want something even more expensive, so I’ll need to jump back on the steamer etc.

I guess I’m looking for hints and/or recommendations. Is there something I’m missing, or should I just spoil the next few levels of my ambition storyline and use the wikis in order to avoid the frustrating and expensive trips between FL and TC?

Well, by going in your inventory and clicking on “Abominable Salts” in the Academic category, you can convert them to Memories of Distant Shores.

50 will get you 10, or 500 will get you 105.

As for whether or not to use the wiki, that is a personal call. I will state that if you insist on avoiding the wiki altogether, please send me a message before you leave for a different location across the Zee after Venderbight. There are a couple of things you will need on that later trip that cannot be acquired at your destination.

I rather enjoy heading to Zee, but I’ve a Majestic Pleasure Yacht, so I tend to have profitable runs already.

Thank you, I thought as much. After some consideration it might actually be smarter to stay in London for a while - I was able to defeat the guardian of the Sanatorium, but only just. I’m sure the quest will only get harder from here on out. Or perhaps as you suggest I should not leave London again until I have a ship of my own.

You will need your own ship next time your ambition sends you out of London there isn’t another method to get where you need to go.