Ambition: Light Fingers-- Where do I go?

Just a quickie. My Ambition: Light Fingers has me searching for a clue about “The hooded men! The hooded men!” (Light Fingers 12) But it seems that everywhere I go, no answers are to be found there. I’m completely unimportant, and my four main qualities are in the 55-70 range. Is it just too early for me to follow this thread, or have I missed the one place I can continue this in? I’ve been stuck so long I don’t even remember how I began this Ambition. I’ve opened up Wolfstack Docks, the Flit, and The Forgotten Quarter, but it’s not those places either.

According to my own notes, the next clue is to be found in Spite. That said, it’s been a while, and I can’t tell you exactly what you’ll be looking for.

Ah, thank you. I thought I’d hit Spite, but I must not have.