Ambition: Light Fingers - The Labyrinth

[li]I’ve spent a fortune on Foxfire candles, keep running out and am still stuck. Help, please? Are there any shortcuts through?

Are you buying the candles outright? You should really be doing storylets to gain them and/or trading Connections to the Church for them in the Shuttered Palace. I first went in with 1600 candles and used 850-900 of them because I had a little bad luck. Once you get through the Labyrinth, you thankfully don’t have to do that again though, even if you don’t get the Orphanage knocked out in one go.

Thanks for that tip. Yeah, I was buying them, but I won’t from now on.


Anyone able to advise whether there’s a particular level I should be before going into the labyrinth? I’m currently Shadowy 60+13 or Persuasive 76+13, with 1600 foxfire candles and two failed attempts in my belt.

Have also read some spoilers on the wiki - after clearing the labyrinth, can I return to Fallen London or will I be stuck in the story line still?

It’s been a while since I’ve done this one, but from memory once you complete the labyrinth there are two options.

One, named “A Return to Spite”, lets you retrace your steps and exit. This will allow you to work on other things and come back to continue your Ambition storyline later.

The other, “The Creature In The Labyrinth”, involves a Shadowy challenge (Requires Shadowy 96). Success will allow you to continue the ambition (increasing it to 41). Failure will cause you to lose all of your progress and be reduced back to ambition level 38, and you’ll have to do the labyrinth again.

So if you’re deciding on when to do the labyrinth, perhaps wait until your Shadowy is in the 90s and you have a spare Hastily Scrawled Warning Note for that challenge at the end. (As the failure is so punishing, you’ll want to use it for that action even if you had decent chance of success.)

Thank you, dear Kittenpox! I was lucky enough to get an opportunity card for the Cool as Ice mood and cleared the level. Managed to get into yet another pickle after attracting too much attention in the orphanage and am now back in FL enjoying some court intrigue and heists first!

That Creature in the Labyrinth challenge is indeed brutal though, so glad I won’t have to repeat it!

I’ve had a bit of a hiatus from Fallen London so may have missed the news - has this ambition been updated yet?

Not quite yet, but hopefully soon.

Oh man, I did this the hard way buying candles. I couldn’t find a place to earn them directly so I traded jade for cash. By the time I had made my way through the Labyrinth I had The Widow connection at almost 200.

Hey, look on the bright side! When you get to Docks 30 you can keep on trading Widow connection for Strong-Backed Labour.