Ambition: Enigma

I love looking at the profiles of other characters (I must be a voyeur at heart). One can find so many interesting things. One I have noticed on some Mantlepieces is an Ambition: Enigma. I’m not familiar with that one, I wonder how one arrives at it?

– Mal

Ambition enigma is, well, an enigma. This has all the hints we can give you: FL Enigma clues - Google Docs
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Ah! Well, I’ll keep my eyes peeled, then.

– Mal


Ahh, Enigma. It was only a few weeks back now that I nearly fell into the bowel of madness in its pursuit. I was close to covering my wall in thumbtacks and string.

I continue to regularly hint people through it, and am glad to do so.

Honestly when I obtained Enigma it took a good two weeks longer than necessary because I thoroughly outsmarted myself. While rather complex, the puzzle was shorter than I expected so I thought the solution was yet another clue.

Yes, I was the same - totally overthought it.

Yes, I was the same - totally overthought it.[/quote]

Ambition: Overanalysis

To be completely honest, I was kinda disappointed by how simple and easy the first solution turned out to be. And yes, it leaves SO much room for overthinking, I’m starting to suspect it’s deliberate trolling on FBG’s part :P. Ah, but I guess it’s part of the charm.

Hint: one of the clues linked to by suincide provides everything you need, really.
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Okay, people, we’re not supposed to talk about this, remember?