Ambition: Enigma: What is it, and how do I start?

So I’m on a FL chat and someone brought up this thing called Ambition: Enigma. I tried to find out more from them but they clammed up the instant I started asking questions? How do you even start Enigma? And what exactly is it?

Enigma is meta-game content, where you have to find the answers. There’s a hint sheet floating around online (which is pretty necessary), and some players offer more hints. But we generally don’t talk about what’s actually in it. Also, it does not prevent you from pursuing another ambition, since that’s another common question.
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Has that changed suinicide? I avoid ambitions in general, but I might want to pursue them at some point, so I’ve been avoiding pursuing Enigma.

If that’s not the case then I’ll probably start chasing it again.

Has what changed? Engima not locking you out of things? I have Engima and Nemesis on my character, so no. Though I know it locked you out of ambitions at one point, but I think that was a bug.
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Here’s all you need to know about Ambition: Enigma.

Edit: Oh, and Enigma no longer locks you out of choosing an ambition if you get it prior to one of the normal ones.

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