Ambition: Bag a Legend!

I just finished my the Chorister’s Bomb part of my ambition. Is that as far as this one’s been written, or am i missing the next part?

Nope, you’ve hit the limit.

Well I guess you can pursue other things now.

I heard that after Bag A Legend! is over, they’ll be releasing a continuation.

Ambition: Bag Two Legends!
edited by Infinity Simulacrum on 7/20/2017


Where is this knowledge.

I want the sequel to be Ambition: Get Your Cute Evil Naturalist Back Somehow

I want my Mandrake back.

… which is what I would say if I didn’t meta-game it. Half-wild Mandrake is one of the best early Dangerous companions!

I always liked to let it play with my other mandrakes. Actually, I have a lot of mandrakes.