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[li]Um I’m trying to complete my Ambition The Marvelous Game where you can gamble for your heart’s desire and well I hit a really big snag. I need 71 First City Coins and have tons of options I decided my best choices are the Rubbery Men(they seem nice if only I had a translator…) and the Bohemian’s but my skills won’t really hope in that choice. So I was wondering anyone have ideas on getting Pulsating Amber or 500 Echos?

I think the best option to get First City Coins is the Masters’ trade in. It only takes 1 CP from your connection, and you get 50 coins for it. The Christmas event is a great time to get some points in that connection if you need or want them.

Thanks I’ll try to get them

Also, if it’s First City Coins you’re after, one of the options from the Secrets and Spending card can get you them. It also requires connections, but connections of an easier kind, and one that you don’t have to rebuild after you claim your reward. It gets you a nice chunk of coins, too.

Secrets and Spending being linked to the Counting the Days and the Spare Change thing.
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That’s also a great option. This is the exact option you need, and here is a guide to getting your Counting the Days quality up.

I have 91 First City Coins. Send me a letter or a calling card and I’ll pass them on - it’s not like I need them for anything. Alternately, just post your character name here - it doesn’t seem to be the same as your forum username, or if it is I can’t find you.
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I didn’t know you can trade things on here only send invites

First City Coins are unique in that they have an option to send them to other people.

Coins are sent. Sorry for the delay, needed to wait for the actions. Good luck!