ambiguous eolith trading? Bug or intended?

Currently you can buy as many ambiguous eoliths as you can afford at Mount Palmerston @ 35 each, and trade them into the Antiquarian @70 each; they don’t take up hold space, so this could get crazy profitable crazy fast. Am I missing something or does this work as well as I think?[li]

Ambiguous Eoliths occasionally sell for 1 echo instead of 70.

The Antiquarian won’t pay 70 for them every time - sometimes they’ll decide they’re worthless and only pay 1 for them. So, it’s a calculated risk!

I wonder if the odds on the Eoliths is subject to anything.

Doubtful it’s anything more than sheer random chance. Sometimes a rock is just a rock.

I’ve been getting on average 3 successes out of every 5 eoliths, but I’ve had 5/5 fails before too. I’ve never had 5/5 wins. I don’t like risking more than 5 of them at a time, so I don’t like to guess what the ratio actually is, but he seems to lean very slightly towards favouring you. Of course that could be complete rubbish and I’ve just been slightly lucky.

Hrm, it seems like the risk might be associated with the level of Antiquarian you have. I’m turning in about 40 at once and at lower levels of Antiquarian it seemed like I was getting much better return.

Interesting thought, I’ll try and keep a closer eye on the results as my antiquarian quality goes up.

I don’t think that I have ever got 70 echoes for an eolith. But my Antiquarian was pretty high before I found my first one (before they started selling them at Palmerstone).

My Anti is/was at level 7 and I sold about 30 to check and see if there was any pattern to the RNG. It seems that for every four fails you get one or two 70 pieces on average. It is possible to get a full 5 run of 70s though.

My Antiquarian is at 17, just sold another eolith and got 1 echo … again :(

I’ve done the run twice: once with 36 and once with 126 Eoliths. Both runs came out making a small profit, but not a great deal. Seemed to work out at around 50/50 for good and bad.

I would also not recommend performing the action 126 times in a row.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to sell multiples, or at least not be sent all the way back to the first page and have to find it again.