Ambiguous Eolith sources

In the University lab content, currently Bag a Legend-exclusive, one research project is dissembling an Ambiguous Eolith. The conclusion has a Kataleptic Toxicology check, so now that I have that quality, I thought to discover the success for the wiki. Only there’s a problem: I can’t seem to get more Eoliths.

My first guess, Apis Meet, apparently doesn’t carry them. The wiki doesn’t give any details, just says they’re Fate-locked. Where can I get more, preferably without resetting any stories?

Reddit seems to believe that you can get them from the sack of Mr Sacks. That is definitely not the only source, because I’ve never done that and I have 3.

The other Wiki says they can be obtained from Written in the Glim. My unreliable memory says they were seasonal tie-in content for something related to Sunless Sea or Zubmariner, but I can’t find any confirmation of that.

If Ambiguous Eoliths are Fate-locked, then the text you’re trying to obtain is also Fate-locked so it shouldn’t be on the Wiki. If I were in your position I’d be trying to get it just for my own sake, but I felt I should mention that.

Ambiguous Eoliths aren’t purely Fate-locked: I suspect your three came from a Zubmariner tie-in access code. Unfortunately I’ve used all those up.

Although that does raise an unrelated question. If it is possible to get one of an item without Fate, but the order of requirements prevent using that one for a specific action, would that second action be considered Fate-locked?

I think yes

It also occurs to me that perhaps the Eolith will become more prominent in planned content, like the Unprovenanced Artifact.

I m still curious if anyone got a success on the Eolith lab project?

@Optimatum In this specific case it should not be fate locked as licentiats have 1 point in toxicoloty and hence a (small) success chance.

I did, earning a perfumed gunpowder. Here’s the echo:

Edit: Sorry, that’s the failure result!
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Currently the Eoliths can be gotten in Waswood.

Oh, I didn’t mean that would apply here. Although there’s actually two different versions of the project—the latter one can be done after grinding Toxicology.

Are you sure that was a success? I got the exact same text and outcome from the failure.

Perfect, thank you!

My apologies! You are correct. I know I failed the first time but succeeded after bumping up my Toxicology once the second part was released. I’ll poke around in my journal to see if I can find the right one.

Ok, I think I see why this is confusing. I have two entries for the eolith, the first with the heading Perfumed Gunpowder and the second with the header Chemically altered. Both have the same favour text. I swore I succeeded with the latter, but it’s possible the header just got a tweak. I can’t test again at the moment since I’m busy making the weapon.

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Archeological expeditions will occasionally yield Ambiguous Eoliths.

Are you perhaps thinking of Unearthly Fossils? Or has there been a change to Expeditions that is not yet reflected in the Wiki.

I had a bunch of them in my inventory that did not come from any of the sources mentioned in the wiki. I’m 99% certain I dug them up in the forgotten quarter.

Eoliths can be found by petitioning the Dean for new experiments from your lab. You need to have a bottle of Absinth and not have any bones/eoliths already. Another source is the Rubbery from the Bone Market. You need to complete “accept a paleontological task from the Dean” to find the route and then take the option to travel from the Dept. of Menace Eradication. (You’ll need to have at least 3 Bizzare for the Rubbery to show up in the deck there).

Yes, you could get them also from &quotA Tentacled Servant&quot card in the Bone Market. You could persuade a few free sample with a skill check.
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Eoliths are indeed now available easily. When the thread was posted, none of the new options to get them were added yet, just the option to use them.