Amanuensis Card Lacks Amanuensis Art

So we just finished the Election and there was beautiful new art for the devils’ lickspittle. And yet, the Amaneunsis card does not have this new art. Perhaps he tried a retro makeover after his defeat.

The Election artwork was intended to represent Mr Slowcakes himself. Is the current card supposed to represent the peerless Mr Slowcakes, or is it supposed to represent his right-hand man? (Or approximation of a man.)

I would lean towards the latter, mostly because it is the same artwork as the Veteran Privy Councilor. This suggests the art is used generally for characters that are “the betrodden, milquetoast go-for of someone else who is actually important.” One should not insult the grandeur of Mr Slowcakes by associating his countenance with the Amanuensis.