Am I out of Gunnery Officers?

So I may have a bit of an issue relating to the plots of the gunnery officers in this game. Spoilers ahead.

[spoiler]I think I killed all of my Gunnery Officers, and now have no way to increase iron beyond 50. I sent my Longshanks off to Khan’s shadow so she is gone. I completed the Adventuress Storyline so she is certainly dead. Finally I left my Cannoneer in the Rose gardens…So I think she is dead too.

At this point I had assumed that every officer position had 3 &quotmain&quotofficers, like Mehcanic and First officer do (not counting the starting longshanks). However, after searching for a while and not finding one, I checked the wiki and learned there were no more Gunnery officers that could increase iron.(Deviless doesn't count sadly) So does that mean I cannot get another Gunnery officer? Is my Iron going to stay at 50 forever? Do I have to commit suicide simply to be able to kill things in the next life? I'm playing somewhat blind and have gotten myself decently settled with a mansion, cargo ship, and a couple of promoted officers. I'd love to finish the rest of my quests, but I'd enjoy being able to pass those iron challenges and kill things. So what should I do?[/spoiler]

I think creating an Anatomical Cabinet raises Iron by 7 (in addition to the buff for equipping it).

There are also story events that increase iron of course they appear randomly as far as I know eating a certain something in Whither and using the gods attention in Mt Palmerstone or Gaider’s Mourn are the ones that can raise iron.
Defeating Mount Nomad also gives a boost to Iron.
But the Anatomical Cabinet is probably the easiest - you can sell it in Whither.

Thanks all!