am i exceptionally unlucky? re: short story

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i have over 100 pages of my delicious short story; my potential was up to 70… i couldn’t see any way to increase it further without using honey or laudanum (am i missing something?). so i tried, and tried again…and i went from 70 potential to ZERO. every single time i was unlucky. ARG! WOE! anyone know what the odds are on this; am i exceptionally unlucky or is this just the fate of the honey-addled artist, to fail? so now i’m starting over. i am an extremely frustrated writer, currently… but if there isn’t hope of increasing potential beyond 70 using other means, i may just abandon this endeavor entirely.

There are ways to increase it over 70, but you might not be seeing them because you lack the resources. Here is a list of all the (current) ways to increase your potential. If it seems a bit too expensive for you right now, I would recommend publishing what you can now and waiting until later.

thanks for the suggestion! i will just nickel and dime it using cautious and daring edits until i have access to the other options.

I’m looking for advice on short story completion and &quottargeting&quot. For quite some time now, I have been trying to achieve an &quotexceptional&quot short story. Three times, I ended up with a competent one despite overshooting the requirements by up to 20 potential (2 slot downgrade). This last time, having barely topped the requirements and actually hoping and expecting a downgrade, I ended with a masterful one. Which is gratifying, of course, and worth lotsa money, but no use for the intended purpose (becoming an author).
Any suggestions would be gratefully received. (Or is it just &quotkeep on trying and sell the duds?)

If your goal is to become an author, you might be better served to wait until you become POSI, and can get the profession through the unsigned message card.

Otherwise keep trying and you’ll get there eventually. I haven’t done the numbers, but from memory it is probably best to keep trying at the 80 potential point, as the cost of getting to 100 potential is quite high.

Thank you!

Is there a repeatable source of case notes?

I’m pretty sure someone remarked recently that there were only three sets in the whole Neath. But both they and I may be mistaken,

If I’m not mistaken, they only come from
Working with the Honey-Addled Detective cases, which there are only 3 of as of now. A 4th set may come out someday with The Case of the Other Waxwork, which is currently Impossible!